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Application Process

Background to Bradford Institute for Health Research

The Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR) opened in April 2007 at Temple Bank House (Bradford Royal Infirmary), and is an exciting landmark in the development of health research. It aims to improve health through high quality research that is locally relevant and internationally significant through becoming a national centre for excellence in health research forging unique research collaboration between the people of Bradford, the NHS community and the Universities of Leeds and Bradford.

In creating a health research system in which partners support outstanding individuals and teams, working in high quality facilities, conducting important leading edge research, focused on the needs of patients and the public five goals for the BIHR have been identified.

  • To develop high quality research capacity across the Bradford research community.
  • To undertake research programmes that will translate into real benefits for patients.
  • To provide an opportunity for local people to share the benefits of participation and involvement in healthcare research.
  • To develop and attract the best researchers.
  • To ensure high standards for research governance and minimise bureaucracy.

As part of the Institute’s aim to develop and attract the best researchers the BIHR Board wishes to encourage key research individuals to become members of the BIHR.


Membership of the Bradford Institute for Health Research will be available to all staff employed by the BIHR partners and who are involved in research. Three types of membership will be available:

  • Member
  • Associate status
  • Honorary Fellow

Membership will be awarded to Institute investigators who are directly engaged in doing research or support research led by others. This includes all research staff working on research projects including lead researchers, other senior researchers and research assistants. It also includes all clinical and clinical support staff, and scientific, laboratory and technical staff who are involved in research led by others.

Associate status: will be awarded to those staff that are undertaking an academic qualification and/or small research project and have no previous research experience but would benefit from the experience and expertise of the BIHR staff.

Honorary Fellowship of the Institute will be offered to highly regarded researchers who are not employed by any of the partner organisations. This includes researchers employed by organisations such as charities or industry or those who have a track record of high calibre research collaboration with researchers in the Institute.

Academic staff from the University of Bradford and the University of Leeds with honorary contracts with the BIHR NHS partners will be eligible for Institute membership.

Benefits of Membership

Membership will bring with it a number of benefits:

  • Access to the Clinical Research Facility with admission rights and support from the clinical research nurse network.
  • Methodological and statistical support for the preparation of grant proposals and the writing of papers.
  • Access to hot desk and meeting room facilities in the Institute.
  • Support for protected time for research activity in individual’s personal development and job planning.

Conditions of Membership

The Institutes aims to have a strong national profile for excellence in research and to be self funded. Membership will therefore require a number of obligations.

  • Maintaining high standards of research governance for all research activity.
  • Inclusion of administrative and NHS overhead costs in commercial and non-commercial grant applications.
  • Acknowledgement of the BIHR in all papers and presentations
  • Commitment to support research careers in the Institute partner organisations through peer review and mentoring.

Duration of Membership

Membership of the Institute will be for three years in the first instance with potential for renewal for a further three years and every three years thereafter.

Application Process

Application is via a short CV Proforma (see attached). As the eligibility for membership is based on the individual being actively involved in research then it is this evidence that is being considered when the application is reviewed.

Once completed the application should be sent to:

Sadia Khaliq, PA to General Manager, Bradford Institute for Health Research, Temple Bank House, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane, Bradford BD9 6RJ or emailed to

Criteria for Award

Membership will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Involvement in research – at least three research studies in last three years
  • Evidence of having publications in last three years
  • Evidence of involvement in research that has been externally funded
  • Evidence of impact on patient benefit or innovation in health care as a result of research.

Associate status will be considered for those who may not fulfil all of the above criteria.

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