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Our vision for commercial research

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (the “Foundation Trust”) has had a very successful expansion in research activity. Research activity is not only a marker of academic excellence for a teaching hospital, but also of quality of care for patients.  Building on this success, the Foundation Trust wishes to establish itself as a leading centre for commercial research.

Commercial research – our aims & objectives 2014/2015-2017/18

The Foundation Trust has an ambition to increase commercial research activity in order to enhance its research reputation and deliver some of its national objectives, but more importantly to   enhance patient care.  Building on its already excellent reputation for commercial research the Foundation Trust has an objective to double its commercial research activity by 2017/18.

To this end, work has been undertaken to enable more commercial research to be conducted. This includes:

  • A dedicated executive team to oversee commercial development across the Foundation Trust.
  • Pharmacy expansion  The Foundation Trust’s Pharmacy Department has undergone expansion in order to increase its capacity for storage of trial medicines and open our doors to yet more industry-sponsored studies.
  • New research nurse manager role to support the nursing infrastructure in recruitment and delivery.
  • Raising awareness and sharing best practice to equip the research teams with the knowledge and tools to deliver commercial research successfully.
  • Development of research team commercial portfolios Developed by our research teams, these portfolios include team details, their activity and their commercial research achievements.  These brochures will also assist in the assessment of a research team’s capacity and capability to deliver industry-sponsored research (please click on the links below for further information). 


Commercial Portfolios


Research Nurse(s)

Respiratory Medicine

Cardiology (Craig Atkinson)



Infectious Diseases








If you wish to contact a research team that is not listed above, please contact and we will arrange for an appropriate member of the research team to discuss your interest.

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