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In this section you will find information about support for researchers and guidance about how research is conducted.

Research in the NHS

The people who carry out research are mostly the same healthcare professionals who treat patients. Their aim is to find better ways of looking after patients and keeping people healthy.

There are many different types of research and they cover a range of activities, from working in a scientific laboratory in Universities to carefully noting patterns of health and disease and developing new medicines and treatments.

Health and social care research looks at many different issues, from illness, disease, disability and diversity to the way that health and social care services are provided by the NHS.

Why carry out research?

People being cared for in the NHS benefit from past research and continue to benefit from research that is currently being carried out.

Healthcare professionals know a great deal about health, disease and medicines, but alot remains uncertain. Research can fill gaps in knowledge and can change the way healthcare services are provided providing better treatments and quality of life.

How is research funded?

Research that takes place in the NHS may be funded by one of a variety of different organisations, and often more than one working in partnership. These include:

  • The NHS, through the National Institute for Health Research (NHIR)
  • The Medical Research Council
  • The Department of Health and other government departments
  • Medical research charities
  • Pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies

Research in the BIHR

The BIHR provides a physical centre for academic and research staff employed by the partner organisations. For more about the Institute and for advice and support for conducting research at one or more of the partner organisations »

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