The Haematology Research team run 27 trials ranging from multi-armed international randomised controlled trials, to service evaluations. We cover all areas of malignant haematology; acute and chronic leukaemia’s, high and low grade lymphomas and myeloma. We also have 2 epidemiology studies in non-malignant haematology, and we are looking to expand this area of our portfolio.

As part of our trials, we are testing novel agents, with the aim of improving patient outcomes, giving patients access to treatments not yet available on the NHS. We provide close clinical monitoring of our patients, and from the results of our trials, patient care is constantly improving.

The team consists of 2.58 WTE Research Nurses, 1 WTE Research Administrator and 0.4 WTE Epidemiology Trials Assistant.

"The Haematology Research Team is committed to providing patients with a high quality, professional and ethical research experience, delivered with care, compassion and respect. We promote an environment of mutual respect and communication between patients and staff."

Victoria Drew

For all enquiries please contact:

Victoria Drew
Lead Haematology Research Nurse

Call: 01274 38 3438

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