We run both national and international trials in colorectal, upper GI, lung, gynaecology, prostate and breast cancer trials involving chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Many of the trials are funded by groups such as the Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK, and some funded are by commercial pharmaceutical companies involving novel treatments not otherwise available through the NHS.

Many of our chemotherapy trials now involve the collection of tissue samples "targeting" cancers more specifically than by disease site. Other trials involve the donation of tissue and blood samples to investigate the causes of cancer and effects of treatment on specific groups of patients.

As a Research Team we meet patients during their visits to hospital either in the clinic or on the ward, and support them whilst they are taking part in the trial. We ensure all patients are fully informed about all aspects of the trials and what their participation will entail through the trial.

Oncology has an integrated service with Airedale General Hospital and we link up with the team to ensure continuity of trials and follow up of patients. We also have strong links with the research teams at St James's, Leeds and around the Yorkshire and Humberside area.

"The oncology research team strive to provide care to patients in the most professional and compassionate manner giving access to clinical trials of novel and cutting edge treatments being developed against cancer. We aim to encourage an environment of mutual respect and open communication between staff, patients and their relatives."

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