The GI radiology team work within the multidisciplinary team and are part of the Bradford Digestive Disease Centre. Lead by Professor Clive Kay and Dr Andy Lowe,  we provide radiology services to a wide range of research projects including: Foxtrot, TREC and Aristotle as well as taking part in dedicated radiology projects such as Crest, Prospect and mercury 2. We are committed to improve patient outcomes and hope to demonstrate how engagement in clinical research leads to improvement in care and quality of life.

Colorectal cancer is the second most common malignant disease in developed countries, with about a million new cases and 500,000 deaths worldwide each year. With this in mind the GI radiology  team in collaboration with the Bradford Digestive disease centre are working on projects that we hope will ultimately improve the survival rates of diagnosed disease.


"It is our mission to become involved in the advancement of GI imaging science through high quality research. We continually seek to improve our standards through quality acquisition and interpretation of images.

We aim to provide a service that is reliable and of the highest standard providing excellent patient care, putting the patient at the heart of all we do. We aim to maintain the highest ethical principle in all our work.

We aim to expand GI radiology research to include a wide range of high quality research ventures within the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS foundation Trust including commercial, portfolio and academic work.

We aim to raise the profile of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS foundation Trust and share the benefits of having an active research team within the Radiology department."

If you require any further information regarding Radiology Research please contact

Janet McGowan GI Radiology Trials Co-ordinator


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