Rheumatology research is an integral part of the rheumatology department in Bradford teaching hospitals foundation trust.  We are committed to improving the health of our patients by aiming to lessen the impact of rheumatological conditions on their daily living.

Clinical trials in Bradford offers patients an additional opportunity to take greater control over their condition, reduce their pain and improve their quality of life.  Innovative new medications for a variety of rheumatological diseases are available to patients, offering patients a wider choice of treatment options than were previously available.

Observational, genetic and commercial studies relating to specific rheumatological conditions improve our knowledge of the disease process and help our rheumatologists to target key areas of some common conditions.  This not only allows a better understanding of the condition and its impact on individuals, but also allows us to aim to prevent rheumatological disease from limiting our patients’ lives.

Janet Curran

For all enquiries please contact:

Janet Curran
Research Nurse

Call: 01274 36 5227

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