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COVID-19 Clinical Case Scenarios

All Staff at All Times (ASAT)


This exercise has been designed to guide teams of staff in a busy district hospital through a ‘real time’ scenario set during the early stages of a COVID-19 outbreak. It takes under two hours to complete.

Its aim is to facilitate four teams through the questions and decisions that would be necessary during this time. The objective is to highlight gaps in system knowledge, preparation and planning and record them for future analysis and targeted action. It has been written for four teams of staff taken from Intensive Care, Respiratory Care, Emergency Department and Acute Medical Admissions. It does not provide answers. Depending on what stage your Trust is in planning, or indeed in your current response, will determine whether the exercise is suitable and whether the benefits and information gained outweigh the necessary requirement of having several staff altogether in a large room, albeit with social distancing.

We have run it, and it was a useful exercise, hence providing it here as a free resource.

For more information please see the included facilitator brief and team packs. If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact:


ASAT table top AMU Facilitator Information

ASAT table top Respiratory Facilitator Information

ASAT table top ICU Facilitator Information

ASAT table top ED Facilitator Information

Finally if you do use this resource or find it useful, please let us know. Send any comments or feedback to Paula Boyle: