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Family and community impacts of COVID-19


Since the first English lockdown in March 2020 we have been working with our Born in Bradford (including Born in Bradford, Born in Bradford’s Better Start, BiB4All) families and the CARE75+ cohort to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 on various aspects of life including wellbeing, health, household finances and education. Our series of longitudinal surveys are developed in partnership with local decision makers and communities. We are also undertaking in-depth research the impacts of COVID-19 on child wellbeing and health beliefs and attitudes to COVID-19. Through ActEarly we are working with our UCL partners to understand how these impacts may be similar or differ for residents of Bradford District and Tower Hamlets.

Jackie’s Story: The personal resonance of a public health crisis

This is an audio story produced by Senior Research Fellow, Dr Bridget Lockyer. Based on an interview study conducted in 2020, it explores one woman’s experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. Jackie faced illness, bereavement, difficulties accessing health services and online misinformation during the first UK lockdown, which left her feeling abandoned, alone and confused. These experiences and feelings clouded her trust in the NHS and increased her uncertainty around taking a Covid-19 vaccine. Through her personal narrative, we can better understand how social context, experience and emotions shape people’s relationships with health and health services.

Briefings and reports




Family and child surveys
BiB Family Questionnaire Round 2 October 2020
BiBBS Family Questionnaire Round 2 October 2020
BiB Child Questionnaire Round 2 October 2020
BiBs Family Questionnaire Round 1 April 2020
BiBs Child Questionnaire Round 1 May 2020
BiBs Child Questionnaire – Parent Supplement Round 1 May 2020
CARE75+ Older Peoples Questionnaire Round 1 May 2020
Pregnancy and postpartum surveys
BiBs Postpartum Questionnaire December 2020
BiBs Pregnancy Questionnaire December 2020
BiBs Pregnancy Questionnaire June 2020