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Good Shepherd Hospital
Siteki, Swaziland

International Public Health attachment

Over the last 14 years a strong health link has been established between the Nuffield Centre for International Health, Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust and the regional Lubombo Hospital in Swaziland. The hospital serves a population of about 250,000 people, predominantly rural and subsistence farmers. The Lubombo region has one of the highest rates of AIDS and TB in the World. This has placed a massive burden on extremely limited health services. The Yorkshire-Swaziland link has provided support and expertise in developing community health programmes for the management of people with TB and HIV/AIDS. This has enabled the hospital to cope with the epidemics of these major killers and provided effective and patient-centred health care for patients.

This programme offers a trainee a unique opportunity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of a defined population, assess need, and work collaboratively with local communities and local, regional and national stakeholders. The placement facilitates development of personal skills, initiative and leadership skills.

Previous trainee reports

2005 – Iain Maclennan
2006-2007 – Ciarán Humphreys
2007-2008 – Kerry Bailey Jones
2008-2009 – Susan Elden
2009-2010 – Will Welfare
2010 – Merav Kinshuck
2011 – Daniel Chandler
2012 – Abigail Knight
2012-2013 – James Elston
2013-2014 – Helen McAuslane
2014-2015 – Dave McConalogue
2015 – Ashley Sharp
2015-2016 – Philip Daniels
2016-2017 – Paul Southworth
2017-2018 – Nick Riches
2018-2019 – Nina Putnis

For further information please contact Professor John Wright via email: