Andrew Clegg Photo

Professor Andrew Clegg

Chair of Geriatric Medicine

ORCID: 0000-0001-5972-1097

Andy is an academic geriatrician with research interests in frailty, delirium and dementia. He is currently deputy lead for the Yorkshire & Humber NIHR CLAHRC Older People’s Theme, entitled ‘Primary care-based management of frailty in older people’.

Andy is CI for an NIHR Programme Grant to optimise and evaluate personalised care planning for older people with frailty and CI for the NIHR HTA-funded Home-based Extended Rehabilitation for Older People (HERO) trial. Andy is also CI for the Community Ageing Research 75+ (CARE 75+) multi-site cohort study to investigate frailty, disability and quality of life trajectories in older age, and evaluate interventions to improve outcomes using a novel ‘trial within cohort’ (TWiCs) design.


Andy led the development, validation and implementation of the award winning and NICE-recommended electronic frailty index (eFI) using data from around 1M UK patients contained in the ResearchOne and THIN primary care research databases.

Key publications include a 2013 Lancet seminar review on frailty in elderly people and a Cochrane review on interventions for preventing delirium in older people in long-term care. Andy was a member of the 2016 NICE multi morbidity guideline development group, the 2010 NICE delirium guideline development group and the NHS Evidence advisory panel. Andy referees applications for the NIHR and MRC, and is a reviewer for the Lancet, BMJ and Age & Ageing journals.

Recent Funding Awarded

Walters K, Clegg A, Goodman C, Marston L, Hopkins J, Cooper C, Logan P, Skelton D, Hunter R, Manthorpe J, Gardner B, Drennan V, Frost R, Avgerinou C. Clinical and cost-effectiveness of a personalised health promotion intervention enabling independence in older people with mild frailty (‘HomeHealth’): A Randomised Controlled Trial. NIHR HTA £1,833,313.78, 01/05/2020-30/04/2023

Clegg A, Crocker T, Ensor J, Forster A, Gladman J, Riley R. Community-based complex interventions to sustain independence in older people, stratified by frailty: a systematic review and network meta-analysis NIHR HTA £298,981.99 01/12/2019-31/05/2021

Clegg A, Blagojevic-Bucknall M, Conroy S, Hulme C, Humphrey S, Nikolova S, Relton S, Richards S, Riha W, Riley R, van der Windt D, Walters K, West R. Development and evaluation of the electronic frailty index+ (eFI+) tool: integrated prognostic-decision modelling to target interventions for older people with moderate or severe frailty. NIHR HTA £548,507.12, 01/09/2019-30/04/2022.

Clegg A, Birks Y, Boijke C, Farrin A, Forster A, Hawkins R, Hawley M, Mountain G, Mukuria C, Rodriguez M, Reeve J, Richards S, Sheard L, Spilsbury K, Teale E, West R, Wilberforce M. Applied Research Collaborations: Older People with Frailty theme. NIHR Applied Research Collaborations £1,424,815; 01/10/2019-30/09/2024.

Ekers D, Coventry P, Dexter-Smith S, Brown D, Bosanquet K, Lovell K, Hill A, Clegg A, Traviss-Turner G, Gentry T. *M*ulti-morbidity in *O*lder Adults with *D*epression *S*tudy (MODS). NIHR PGfAR £2,429,219.00; 01/10/2018-01/07/2023 (69 months)

Walsh B, Fraser SDS, Roderick P, Clegg A, Barkham AM, Zhu S. The dynamics of frailty in older people: modelling impact on health care demand and outcomes to inform service planning and commissioning NIHR,HS&DR Programme £765,357.71; 01/02/2019-31/01/2022 (36 months)

Silman A, Clegg A, Prieto-Alhambra D, Strauss VY, Gentry T. Identifying trajectories of progression of frailty in elderly individuals. NIHR RfPB £149,550; 01/04/2019-31/03/2021.

Rodgers S, Hillcoat-Nalletamby S, Berridge D, Clegg A. Safe in my own home? Investigating the impact of community home modification services on hospital utilisation for fall injuries: a controlled longitudinal study using data linkage. Llywodraeth Cymru Welsh Government Health Research Grants. £222,376.00; 01/10/2017-30/09/2019.

Todd O, Young J, Clegg A. Optimising blood pressure management for older people with frailty. The Dunhill Medical Trust Research Training Fellowship £192,301, 2017 (36 months)

Clegg A, Young J, Bower P, Cundill B, Farrin A, Foster M, Foy R, Hartley S, Hawkins R, Hulme C, Humphrey S, Pendleton N, Teale E, West R, Holmes J. Personalised care planning to improve quality of life for older people with Frailty. NIHR, Programme Grants for Applied Research £2,754,006; 01/09/2017-31/12/ 2022 (64 months).

Clegg A, Young J, Forster A, Farrin A, Hartley S, Hulme C, Clarke D, Wright P, Cundill B. Randomised controlled trial evaluation to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of a Home-based exercise intervention as Extended Rehabilitation in Older people with frailty following acute illness or injury, including internal pilot and embedded process evaluation (HERO). NIHR HTA £2,038,930.19; 01/03/2017- 31/05/2021 (51 months).

Young J, Clegg A, Nolan M, Mountain G, Teale E, Spilsbury K, Hanratty B, Noble B, Parry J Bates C, Hawkins R, Astell A, Young T. Primary Care-Based Management of Frailty in Older People. NIHR CLAHRC, £999,868; 01/01/2014-31/12/2018.

Clegg A, Young J. The Home-Based Older People’s Exercise (HOPE) Programme. An exercise programme to improve the functional status of community-dwelling frail older people. Royal College of Physicians & Dunhill Medical Trust Research Fellowship. £109,536, 01/10/09 – 31/09/2011.

Recent Publications

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Coventry PA, McMillan D, Clegg, A, Brown L, van der Feltz-Cornelis C, Gilbody S, Ali S. Frailty and depression predict instrumental activities of daily living in older adults: A population-based longitudinal study using the CARE75+ cohort. PLOS one, 2020;15(12), p.e0243972.

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