Mr Ismail Patel

Elderly Care Researcher

ORCID: 0000-0001-8550-4678

Ismail Patel has joined the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research in the role of Elderly Care Researcher. Ismail is working on the National Institute for Health Research funded research PATCH, HERO and PERFECTED Trials. Ismail previously worked at the Academic Unit for 18 months before going to work for the National Institute for Health Research as a National Portfolio Facilitator where he was in charge of performance managing the National Genetics, Hematology, Children’s and Reproductive Health portfolio specialties.

Ismail brings a wealth of research experience having worked as a Clinical Research Officer for the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust working on various Randomized Control Trials.  He also worked as a Clinical Trials Coordinator for the University of Leeds managing the Trauma and Orthopedics portfolio.

He graduated with a BSc Hons in Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Bradford and is currently undertaking a part time MSc in Clinical Research at the University of Sheffield.


Kelly C, Hulme C, Graham L, Ellwood A, Patel I, Cundill B, Farrin A, Goodwin M, Hull K, Fisher J, Forster A. Inter-rater reliability of care home staff’s proxy judgements with residents’ assessments of their own health-related quality of life: an analysis of the PATCH trial EQ-5D data. Age Ageing, 2021; afab053.