Dr Kristian Hudson

Research Fellow


ORCID:  0000-0001-8908-2548

Kristian joined the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research as a research fellow after obtaining a PhD from the University of Leeds in December 2018. Kristian specialises in implementation science and is interested in ways of closing the gaps between knowledge and practice. To make sure that evidenced based practices have the desired impact in practice settings they must be implemented effectively. For his Doctoral thesis, Kristian worked within a steering group responsible for implementing mindfulness across 300 schools in Cumbria. Kristian shared implementation knowledge with the steering group, examined their ability to act as an implementation team, interviewed schools in regards to the barriers and facilitators to implementation, and created an implementation framework for school leaders to use when implementing mindfulness.

Kristian is currently working on a program development grant known as OPTIMISE (Older People: a study To Investigate Maintaining Independence through a novel System of carE). Whilst in hospital, older people are at particular risk of development or exacerbation of manifestations of frailty (MoF) due to the physiological stresses of acute illness and pre-existing homeostatic failure e.g. sarcopenia, but also many additional, and potentially modifiable, risk factors introduced during a hospital stay. The purpose of OPTIMISE is to identify the most important modifiable risk factors and come up with appropriate ‘care actions’ to manage them and prevent older patients losing their independence while in hospital.

It is hoped that the program development grant will be followed by a programme grant for applied research (PGfAR) allowing for the development of a new system of care comprising components that target risk factors that are common to development of the Manifestations of Frailty (MoF), have a robust evidence base or expert consensus, can be embedded in routine care and are practicable for widespread implementation.