Stroke Research

Our stroke rehabilitation research is primarily focused on post-stroke care. We have a long-established programme of research addressing the longer term psycho-social outcomes for people and their families after stroke. Our work is underpinned by strong national and international collaborations. We work in close collaboration with the Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research.

Our extensive portfolio of research in stroke rehabilitation has achieved impactful changes, including:

  • Successful completion of two of the world’s largest ever stroke rehabilitation trials
  • Development of an unmet needs assessment tool which has been translated into Dutch and French and is being widely used internationally in service provision and research;
  • Exploration of the provision of post-stroke therapy led by David Clarke has had a wide reaching international impact and used as a case-study by the Royal College of Physicians.
  • Lead the Cochrane Review on information provision for people after stroke.
  • Research relating to 6 months review: LoTS-Care, LoTS-2-Care randomised trial.

Our projects include:

Research outputs

LUNS tool:

LoTS care LUNS study team. Validation of the Longer-term Unmet Needs after Stroke (LUNS) monitoring tool: a multicentre study. Clinical Rehabilitation 2013;27(11):1020–1028. PDF

Shannon R, Forster A, Hawkins R. A qualitative exploration of patient identified unmet need one year after stroke. Disability and Rehabilitation 2016;38(20). PDF

LoTS-Care: Improving patient and carer centred outcomes in longer-term stroke care:

Forster A, Young J, Chapman K, Nixon J, Patel A, Holloway I, Mellish K, Anway S, Breen R, Knapp M, Murray J, Farrin A. Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial: Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness of a System of Longer-Term Stroke Care. Stroke 2015; 46:  2212-2219. PDF

Forster A, Mellish K, Farrin A, Bhakta B, House A, Hewison J, Murray J, Patel A, Knapp M, Breen R, Chapman K, Holloway I, Hawkins R, Shannon R, Nixon J, Jowett A, Horton M, Alvarado N, Anwar S, Tennant A, Godfrey M, Young J. Development and evaluation of interventions and tools to improve patient and carer centred outcomes in longer-term stroke care (LoTS care) and exploration of adjustment post stroke. Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library 2014;2(6). DOI:10.3310/pgfar02060.  PDF

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LoTS-2-Care: Development and evaluation of strategies to provide longer-term health and social care for stroke survivors and their carers:

Forster A, Hartley S, Barnard L, Ozer S, Hardicre N, Crocker T, et al. An intervention to support stroke survivors and their carers in the longer term (LoTS2Care): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled feasibility trial. Trials (2018) 19(1):317. doi:10.1186/s13063-018-2669-5. PDF

Forster A, Hardicre NK, Crocker TF, Wright A, Burton LJ, Ozer S, Atkinson R, House A, Hewison J, McKevitt C, Farrin AJ and on behalf of the LoTS2Care Programme Management Group. An intervention to support stroke survivors and their carers in the longer term (LoTS2Care): study protocol for the process evaluation of a cluster randomised controlled feasibility trial. Trials 2018;1119(1):368. PDF

LoTS-2-Care six month review uptake PDF

ReAcT: Why do stroke patients not receive the recommended amount of therapy?

Clarke DJ, Burton L, Tyson SF, Rodgers H, Drummond A, Palmer R, Hoffman A, Prescott M, Tyrrell P, Brkic L, Grenfell K, Forster A. Why do stroke survivors not receive recommended amounts of active therapy? Findings from the ReAcT study, a mixed-methods case-study evaluation in eight stroke units. Clinical Rehabilitation 2018; 1-14. doi: 10.1177/0269215518765329 PDF

Forster A, Young J, Green J, Patterson C, Wanklyn P, Smith J, Murray J, Wild H, Bogle S, Lowson K. Structured re-assessment system at 6 months after a disabling stroke: a randomised controlled trial with resource use and cost study. Age and Ageing 2009;38(5):576–583. Link to page

Wray F, Clarke DJ, Forster A. Post-stroke self-management interventions: a systematic review of effectiveness and investigation of the inclusion of stroke survivors with aphasia. Disability and Rehabilitation 2018;40(11):1237-1251. PDF

Lindley R, Anderson C, Billot L, Forster A, Hackett M, Harvey L, Jan S, Li Q, Liu H, Langhorne P, Maulik P, Murthy G, and Walker M, Pandian J. Family-led rehabilitation after stroke in India: a randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2017 ISSN 1474-547X 390(10094):588-599 PDF