Dr Claire Sloan

Senior Research Fellow


Claire Sloan joined the Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation in July as Senior Research Fellow. She is working on a National Institute for Health Research funded research programme with Age UK aiming to optimise the delivery of Personalised Care Plans for older adults with frailty.

Research projects she has previously been involved with include: an Action Research project with older adults, exploring ‘what matters to older adults to enhance dignity in care’  in two clinical NHS settings, work examining the utility of spiritual reminiscence with persons with Dementia, research into access to Mental Health Services for Young People in Hull and East Riding and post permanent place support for families in North London.  Claire completed her mixed methods PhD in Psychology at the University of Leeds in 2008, titled: Masculinity and its relationship to men’s health practices. She has also facilitated qualitative research methods seminars at the University of Hull.


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Completed Doctorates co-supervised

Dannielle Claridge (2017) Masculinity and help-seeking behaviour in armed forces veterans. DClinPsy  University of Hull.