Dr Jennifer Airlie

Research Fellow


ORCID: 0000-0002-7505-3049

Jennifer is a Research Fellow currently working on a seven-year National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) funded research programme which seeks to develop and evaluate strategies for reducing sedentary behaviour after stroke to improve outcomes (RECREATE; RP-PG-0615-2001).

Jen has worded in the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research since 2012. Prior to working on RECREATE Jen worked as a research assistant, and latterly a research fellow on the Research Exploring physical Activity in Care Homes (REACH) programme (RP-PG-1210-12017). The overarching aim of REACH was to develop strategies to increase the time care home residents spend engaging in physical activity and reduce the time they spend sedentary with the ultimate intention of improving their physical and psychological health and social well-being.

Jen has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a PhD which explored the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in older adults residing in care homes. Her research interests include: the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour (with a particular focus on accelerometers); physical activity and sedentary behaviour interventions and applied health and social care research.


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