Dr Jennifer Hall

Senior Research Fellow


ORCID: 0000-0001-8379-5555

Jen joined the Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation in September 2017, to work on an NIHR programme grant, RECREATE, to develop and evaluate strategies for reducing sedentary behaviour after stroke to improve outcomes. Initially, Jen is involved in conducting qualitative interviews and observations to explore sedentary behaviour amongst stroke patients.

Before joining the Bradford Institute of Health Research, Jen completed her doctoral research at Brunel University London under the supervision of Dr Louise Mansfield. Her PhD research involved designing and evaluating a workplace intervention for reducing sitting and increasing physical activity amongst office-based employees. Jen also taught on the undergraduate sport, health and exercise science degree programme, and was employed as a research associate on a number of projects related to sport, sedentary behaviour, and health, during her time at Brunel.


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Mansfield L, Hall J, Smith L, Rasch M, Reeves M, Dewitt S, Gardner B. (in preparation). “It feels like you’re getting ready to go, could you sit down please?”: A qualitative analysis of employees’ experiences of standing in normally-seated workplace meetings.

Bird J, Hall J, Arnold R, Karageorghis C, Hussain A. Effects of music and music-video on core affect during exercise at the lactate threshold, Psychology of Music 2016; doi:10.1177/0305735616637909

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VC Travel Prize to attend and present at an academic conference, £500, 2016

Macmillan Cancer Support research grant of £19387, 2014

25 Ergotron sit-stand workstations, 2014