Patient and Public Involvement

The ASR is fortunate to be supported by strong patient and public groups.

The stroke work is supported by the Consumer Research Advisory Group (CRAG) which was founded in 2004. The group meets bi-monthly and over the years has contributed substantially to the development of the research programme. This has included developing ideas, writing lay summaries, helping to refine questionnaire tools to assess unmet needs, amongst many other activities. In addition to the regular meetings, CRAG organises an annual conference (timed to coincide with World Stroke Day). At this well attended day there are key note talks form prominent stroke researchers and opportunities (via round table discussion group) to hear of research results and contribute to the development of new projects. The CRAG was runner-up in the NIHR Stroke Research Network Patient Carer and Public Involvement Award in 2013. Additionally the ASR has strong links with local stroke groups.

Professor Anne Forster along with researcher Dr Tom Crocker and members of the Consumer Research Advisory Group.

Our work in elderly care is supported by an Older People’s Forum. Colleagues on this Forum are also members of study management groups contributing to successful delivery of the research programmes.

We have established a Frailty Oversight Group (FOG) of four key individuals with extensive links to other relevant local community structures and individuals. And, are working towards the development of a network of interconnected Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) structures across geographical space and communities of interest, which add value to all of the work within frailty research.

We are currently developing research in care homes, this work is supported by a strong collaborative partnership with local Councils, primary care providers, care home owners and managers.  We would be keen to hear from any members of the public who would like to contribute to this work.