The Connected Yorkshire programme links disparate routine electronic data in an anonymised database across primary care, secondary care, community care and social care for over 700,000 individuals at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The digital platform data is integral for the secondary use analysis of data to improve patient pathways of care across the region, re-design models of care, research and evaluation.

The Connected Yorkshire database is governed by the terms and conditions of the signed data sharing agreements from 86 General Practices across three CCGs – Bradford City & Districts and Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven CCGs, three Trusts – Bradford Teaching Hospitals, Airedale Hospital, Bradford District Care Trust, two Local Authorities – Bradford and North Yorkshire Local Authorities and two Voluntary care organisations. The anonymised data is overseen by the Connected Yorkshire governance committee which has representation from the data providers and the public.

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Download an information brochure on the Connected Yorkshire project here. The Connected Yorkshire programme has ethical approval as a research database (IRAS: 227117; REC reference: 17/EM/0254).