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What is the Improvement Academy?

The Improvement Academy was established in 2013 as part of the Bradford Institute for Health Research to support innovation and improvement in delivery of health care services. We are hosted within the NHS by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Academy is the implementation arm of the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration in Yorkshire and Humber and we deliver the Patient Safety Collaborative on behalf of the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN. In 2015, the Improvement Academy became one of the eight founding members of the UK Improvement Alliance, a learning network focused on delivering better health and care for the UK.

What we do

We focus on evidence-based improvement using training, diagnostics, coaching, and implementation. We support systems leadership using the following tools:

  • Promoting a just culture
  • Co-design and engagement
  • Patient involvement
  • Quality Improvement Training
  • Patient Safety
  • Facilitated networks
  • Team facilitation and coaching
  • Data analytics



Find more about training courses, networks and projects here