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Stroke Research Team

Overview of the Research

The stroke team at Bradford are dedicated to giving the best possible care to patients. Research is pivotal for providing evidence to change practice and drive care forward. Patients have the right to be involved with changing practice. All the team, Doctors, Nurses, physio, OT and the outreach team are actively involved in trials.

Bradford has an excellent record of participating in stroke research and continues to have a strong portfolio of stroke trials investigating different aspects of stroke care. The trials cover the patient pathway from acute admission, hospital stay, rehabilitation and into the community.

Stroke Research is being positively promoted to the patient and public.

“Stroke care is committed to evidence based practice. We aim to give every stroke patient the opportunity to be involved in a research trial.”

For all enquiries please contact:

Ruth Bellfield
Stroke Research Sister/ Stroke Research Team Leader

Call: 07944834972

The Research Team

Dr Chris Patterson

Principal Investigator/ Consultant in Stroke Medicine

Dr Stuart Maguire

Principal Investigator/ Consultant in Elderly Care with a special interest in Stroke

Dr Hawraman Ramadan

Principal Investigator/Consultant Neurologist and Stroke Physician

Ruth Bellfield

Stroke Research Sister/Stroke Research Team Leader

Outi Quinn

Stroke Research Sister

Dr Waqar Gaba

Principal Investigator/Consultant Stroke & Acute Physician

Our Research 



We are actively reducing the incidence of DVT in stroke patients and saving lives.

The results of the CLOTS3 trial were disseminated by the research nurse.

The research nurse was instrumental in implementing IPC at Bradford.

Suppliers of equipment were contacted  and pumps on free loan was secured. Consumables were added to the ward supply top up. A care plan was written (by the research nurse) this was approved by the trust and shared with other hospitals. Training was delivered by the research nurse to ward staff.

IPC is in everyday use for immobile stroke patients at Bradford.