Patient Reporting for Action and a Safe Environment (PRASE):
PRASE is the first intervention in the world designed to allow patients to provide feedback on the safety of their care which staff then use as the trigger for improvement work. The intervention has, at its core, two measurement tools – the Patient Incident Reporting Tool and the Patient Measure of Safety developed with NIHR funding. Staff use the feedback provided by patients to diagnose areas of strength and areas for improvement and develop action plans to address these. It has been evaluated across 33 wards in 3 acute NHS Trusts in the Yorkshire and Humber region, enabling 2400 patients to provide feedback to the NHS. Action plans for improvement were then implemented across the evaluation sites. PRASE has attracted £445,000 further funding from the Health Foundation to develop mechanisms for roll-out across the NHS and has been adopted for use as part of a suite of safety improvement tools employed by the AHSN Improvement Academy. The tool is being used in Australia and New Zealand as part of interventional research studies and is currently being adapted by the Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, University of Manchester, for use in general practices. In the last year we have attracted further funding to explore a) the collection of PRASE feedback by hospital volunteers (a Health Foundation grant) and b) the role of PRASE data collection as an important learning experience for undergraduate nursing and medical students (RCF Leeds, CLAHRC YH).