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Research Management & Support Office

The  Research Management and Support Office (or more often known as the ‘R&D Office’) provides advice and support on all aspects of research including:

  • research governance
  • Trust approval for research
  • research feasibility
  • contractual review and oversight of research studies
  • financial management of research
  • research performance management
  • development of research infrastructure, capacity and capability and
  • research information management and reporting

If you are planning to undertake research in the Trust, please contact the Research Management & Support Office in the first instance:

Dr Tracy Watson

Director of Operations (Research & Bradford Institute for Health Research)

Jane Dennison

Research Support & Governance Manager

Samad Lotfi

Samad Lotfi

Research Co-ordinator

Mrs Gemma Serra-Feliu

Research Information & Support Officer

Karen Regan

Lead Clinical Research Nurse / PRC & Respiratory Lead Research Nurse

Bridget Tandy

Trust-wide Research Nurse

Jen Syson square picture

Jennifer Syson

Research Matron

Louise Slow

PA to Director of Operations (Research & Bradford Institute for Health Research)

Asimah Khalifa

Research Facilitator

Waheeda Ahmed

Research Administrator/ Clinical Research Facility Administrator

Joanne Safranauskas

Clinical Research Facility Administrator

Murtaza Ali

Research Administrator

Sharon Singh

Wolfson CAHR Receptionist / Administrator