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COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG)

Updates to this website ceased on 31st July 2022

Whilst C-SAGs support to the response to COVID-19 continues in new and different ways, the formal C-SAG group was stood down in mid-2021.  Updates to the site, including new research findings, have continued to be added until 31.07.22.  The website will remain accessible as a point of reference to the work of C-SAG and associated research findings.

Please direct any further queries regarding the content of this site to in the first instance.

Bradford Institute for Health Research is harnessing its research expertise and infrastructure to support the local response to and recovery from COVID-19.  In partnership with the NHS and Local Authority we are leading a COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG), providing expert input and advice to the local response and of relevance at regional, national and international levels. There is a strong focus on inequalities throughout our research which is currently focussed in four key areas

  1. Providing insight to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations in the District.
  2. With support from our Born in Bradford (BiB) families we are investigating how COVID-19 is affecting the life of children and families.
  3. Through connected data we are providing additional insights on COVID-19 epidemiology and impacts of COVID-19 on wider healthcare services.
  4. Understanding the impact of the COVID-19 response on staff.

Our four focussed areas are underpinned by our internationally recognised Born in Bradford (BiB) and Connected Bradford research programmes.

  • Born in Bradford (BiB) is tracking in detail the lives of over 36,000 Bradfordians to find out what influences the health and wellbeing of families.
  • Connected Yorkshire provides linked primary, secondary and community health and social care data for almost 1 million people and education data for 200,000.
  • ActEarly UKPRP Consortium

To get in touch please email:

COVID-19 vaccination insight

Family and community impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19 epidemiology and healthcare

Impact of COVID-19 response on staff


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