COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG)

Bradford Institute for Health Research is harnessing its research expertise and infrastructure to support the local response to and recovery from COVID-19.  In partnership with the NHS and Local Authority we are leading a COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG), providing expert input and advice to the local response and of relevance at regional, national and international levels. There is a strong focus on inequalities throughout our research which is currently focussed in four key areas

  1. Providing insight to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations in the District.
  2. With support from our Born in Bradford (BiB) families we are investigating how COVID-19 is affecting the life of children and families.
  3. Through connected data we are providing additional insights on COVID-19 epidemiology and impacts of COVID-19 on wider healthcare services.
  4. Understanding the impact of the COVID-19 response on staff.

Our four focussed areas are underpinned by our internationally recognised Born in Bradford (BiB) and Connected Bradford research programmes.

  • Born in Bradford (BiB) is tracking in detail the lives of over 36,000 Bradfordians to find out what influences the health and wellbeing of families.
  • Connected Yorkshire provides linked primary, secondary and community health and social care data for almost 1 million people and education data for 200,000.
  • ActEarly UKPRP Consortium

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COVID-19 vaccination insight

Family and community impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19 epidemiology and healthcare

Impact of COVID-19 response on staff


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