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Data requests

Requests for CARE75+ data for secondary analysis should be made using the Data Request Form.  Variables can be identified from the Data Dictionary.

Requests will be reviewed, prioritised and authorised by the Data Request Review Committee which is comprised of members of the CARE75+ team, members of our Patient and Public Frailty Oversight Group, and independent members.

New data derived from the CARE75+ data (interview, physical measurements or biological samples) must be deposited back within the main database at the end of the project. The sub-study principal investigator must supply adequate documentation concerning new variables to permit their use in future analyses of the data. No other investigator will have access to any new data produced by the collaborator without their prior knowledge and the sub-study principal investigator will have an opportunity to comment on its appropriateness. The investigators will be offered the opportunity to be involved in future work that uses their derived variables.

Collaborations and requests for participants

If you would like to collaborate with us on a research proposal or access CARE75+ participants to recruit to your study, please contact Dr Andrew Clegg ( or Lesley Brown ( to arrange a meeting.

Governance and intellectual property

Dr Andrew Clegg is responsible for the design and conduct of CARE75+ for ethical approval and compliance with research governance requirements.  Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust is the sponsor of the project. Principal Investigators will be responsible for the governance of their specific studies. Intellectual Property developed from CARE75+ will be owned by Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust. We will consider dividing intellectual property rights where collaborators will be making a particular contribution. Agreements must be in place prior to collaboration.

Publications and reports

All research linked to CARE75+ should be easily identified. We encourage collaborators to include CARE75+ in published articles and reports.  A protocol and description of the cohort study has been published and should be referred to in methods sections of outputs.